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Da Beers

We brew passion in the middle of nowhere. From our year round selections, to our seasonals, and to our experiments (indeed, to our collective fancy!), we've got something you'll enjoy!

Year Rounds
These are the only beers we serve year 'round!

   Whatknot Ale  

Light, Refreshing, Creamy || ABV 4.4% | 15 IBU

Whatknot is our flagship. It's not a "wheat beer", but it has wheat. It's not a "cream ale", but it has corn. It resides somewhere in-between, creating a uniquely smooth and refreshing yet flavorful beer that everyone can enjoy.

Variations: blood orange (Aug'16)

   Landlocked IPA  

Smooth, Tropical hoppy, Malty || ABV 6.2% | 72 IBU

We're really been into new hops flavors and aromas, and we want that to shine because we're different, so let's be different. Currently, Landlocked is Mosaic, Galaxy, and Citra hops (the first two are from Down Under), and it's giving it a big tropical aroma and smoothly intense hop flavor. Less bitter than the IBUs imply because it's balanced with malty sweetness. But you don't have to know what any of this means. All you need to do is smell the awesome, and taste the libation, then you'll know it's unmistakably Landlocked.

Variations: Lockadillo IPA Amarillo hopped (Aug'16)

   Good Mornin' Oatmeal Breakfast Stout  

Rich, Roasty, Creamy || ABV 6.2% | 42 IBU

Our Oatmeal Breakfast Stout has been a labor of love. Amber has always been a big fan of oatmeal stouts (from Schlafly to Founder's and everything in-between), so we set out to make a stout that would meet her approval. Eight batches later, and we've developed a super creamy, rich, yet smooth stout with that unmistakable oatmeal flavor. You won't find that "motor oil" consistency here, but you will find a pleasant bit of dark creamy goodness that most "non-stout drinkers" can enjoy. We love it so much that we have a hard time making enough!

Variations: with cold brew coffee (time to time with different coffees)

Pretty Oftens
These we have pretty often, but not always.

   Front Porch Porter  

Lighter, Coffee and Chocolate Notes  || ABV 4.9% | 35 IBU

Every great beer needs a back story, and our Front Porch Porter is no exception. I began homebrewing back in 2008 when a good friend suggested we could make our own beer. We started with a kit (Peat Smoked Porter), and before long, brewing became a frequent occurrence for our group (affectionately dubbed "The Punky Brewsters"). In 2010, Amber and I bought 30 acres in the country, and the house had a porch. Well, it was a half way constructed and abandoned project of the previous owner's (no roof, no rails, not even butted against the house!). We had it finished complete with a tin roof. While the intention was solely to have a front porch to sit and relax on, watching the fall leaves blow by and the deer munching on our fruits and veggies, I quickly saw that I could brew bigger batches of beer if we moved the brewing from the kitchen stove to outside, and the front porch was ideal, so in 2011 (around the time I realized I wanted to open a brewery), we began brewing on the front porch. Among the first beers brewed in this manner was a good friend's recipe for porter (which was based on Fuller's London Porter). After partaking two kegs of this porter, we knew we would brew it again and again (and again). Being the ever-mad scientist type, I just had to tweak the recipe here and there making it my own. Seven versions later, and we have dialed in on the exact porter flavor you may have tasted before, and in historical fashion, we dubbed it Front Porch Porter. So the next time you are sipping on some WBCo Front Porch Porter, let it's smooth roasty flavor transport you to your front porch, wherever that may be.

   SiPA (session iPA)  

Dry, White Wine & Passionfruit  || ABV 4.5% | 55 IBU

A sessionable IPA made with Galaxy and Nelson hops. Crisp and smooth with a wonderfully hoppy bite.

    Lemongrass Wheatknot   

Intense lemon yet smooth drinking  || ABV 5.7% | 26 IBU

Loads of lemongrass plus Lemondrop hops on a 50% wheat malt base make for a delightful romp for the tastebuds!


   Esteemed Punk Common  

Refreshing, Crisp, Lightly Hopped || ABV 5.1% | 43 IBU

An uncommonly special California common, the Esteemed Punk paves her own path but is well regarded by those who know her. After the first sip of this crisp ale/lager hybrid, you'll hold her in high esteem too.

   Hibiscus Ale  

Sweet, Tart, Intense || ABV 5.4% | 23 IBU

The deep red hue. The floral aroma. The delicate dance of sweet and tart. This is the beer you never knew you'd love.

    Honey Wheat Pale Ale   

??? || ABV ??% | ?? IBU

Why have a plain ol' APA, when you can have it with a touch of wheat and rich local honey? This is what a smooth summer pale ale is all about.

    Landbridge IIPA   

Full bodied, rich & easy hops || ABV 7.8% | 93 IBU

Landbridge: It's not just how people might have gotten from Asia to the Americas! Hops from every hop growing region of the world come together for a complex set of citrus hop aromas with subtle bittering. It moonlights with Vermont yeast which adds that extra special touch that you'll appreciate.

    Mississipecan Brown   

Loads of Pecan, Sweet || ABV 5.2% | 26 IBU

You don't need to know how to pronounce it for it to take you back to grandma's fresh pecan pie.

Cherry Harvest

Hoprechaun Red

Pistachio & Vanilla Salted Wedding Ale

Scottish Zombie

Experiments (bwaahahahaha!)


Persimmons, Cherry, Dill Pickle

(single hop IPAs)

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