What does owning a small brewery mean to our crew?

What does owning a small brewery mean to our crew?

Sometimes it’s about more than making and selling something.

Sometimes it’s about people and our unique Ozarks culture.

All the time, at Wages Brewing Company, it is our mission not only to make high quality, handmade beer, soda, and kombucha, but also about connecting people, about sharing our individual, regional, and national culture, and about celebrating what makes us all different (even if we disagree!).

We represent that in the people who work for us, in the variety of beverages we make, in the diverse local musicians who perform here, and in the array of different events we host and participate in.

YOU help us represent this mission by choosing to come in our doors, for which we very much thank you for believing in us and sharing in our vision.

After all, we are all a piece of the puzzle of the melting pot that we call home: The U.S. of A.

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