Wages Whiskey Club

Wages Whiskey Club

A monthly subscription for limited spirits openings with an ultra-premium opening every 6th month!

The $29/month subscription gets you:

*The “3rd round” begins Wednesday, June 2nd, and we have room for only TWO new members!
*The monthly exclusive pour of a top shelf spirit is included (bottles usually retail between $75 and $125)
*25% off all spirits/cocktails on Wednesday Spirits Nights
*It will generally be Whiskey, Bourbon, or Scotch unless the club votes to make an exception.
*On the 6th month, you get a premium pour (bottle would retail between $150 and $350)
*We’ll have a club meeting on the first Wednesday of each month. For those who can come that night, we will taste together starting around 6:30 PM. It’ll be fun to discuss with each other what we’re tasting, AND we’ll be able to set some parameters for next month’s bottle.

Small Print (because you demanded it!):

I’m only writing this all out because y’all asked. The main idea is this is FUN and FAIR for club members so that we can bring this great experience to you!

*The special bottle opening is only for club members. If any remains after a month, it’s released to the public.
*I will make sure each club member has a chance to get their pour. You have the entire month to come by and get yours.
*Any amount remaining in the bottle will be available to club members during the first month. After that month, if any remains, it can be purchased by regular customers.
*The opening starts on the first Wednesday of the month and is available to club members any time we are open during the month.
*The 25% off discount is ONLY good for Spirits Night Wednesdays (that’s EVERY Wednesday!).
*We have a cap of 12 folks. I will start a waiting list for additional folks. Once we get 6+ additional folks interested, I can add those waiting list folks to the club.
*You must have maintained your subscription for 6 months to get the special high end pour on the sixth month!
*If we somehow don’t get enough folks subscribed, we will refund and cancel subscriptions, but I believe enough of you are interested it won’t come to that.

That’s all for now! Shoot me a message on Facebook if you have questions to Phil Wages. Cheers!