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Wages Brewing’s Commercial Kitchen Rental

About our Kitchen

Wages Brewing Company is now offering our kitchen for lease! Perfect for caters, chefs, and folks wanting to test out their restaurant ideas.

Very large space, several ovens, natural gas 8 eye stove, mixer, dishwasher, ice machine, canner, and just about everything else needed to cater, test out a
restaurant idea, or start a ghost kitchen.

Schedule your kitchen rental today using the form below. Cheers!


All pricing subject to change with a minimum 30 day notice.

  • For Profit: $15/hour or $70/day, whichever is less
  • Non-Profits**: $10/hour or $50/day, whichever is less
    ** proof of non-profit status must be presented to obtain these rates
  • Insulated Food Box: $10/day (must be returned to kitchen within 24 hours)

If you need storage space for equipment and/or food, that shall be discussed and agreed upon.


Payment is required either the day of your kitchen rental OR you may pay in advance. We accept payment via cash, credit or debit card, PayPal, or Venmo. We can discuss other options upon request.


There are TWO forms below.

First you enter your name, email, length of need, and agree to our terms and click SEND so we know you agree.

Second you choose the date and start time you’d like to reserve the kitchen and complete the short form on the next screen.

NOTE: When you select a date and time in the calendar below, you are selecting the start time. The calendar assumes you are booking for 1 hour, but we understand you likely need more time. Be sure enter the number of hours you wish to reserve in the “Length of Need” box. For example, if you expect to use the kitchen for 5 hours starting at 9AM, select the time as “9:00am” and enter “5 hours” in the Length of Need box.

Once we receive your request, we will follow-up via email to confirm your reservation. 


If you have questions and/or would like to arrange to tour the kitchen in advance, contact Phil via email or by calling 417-293-3119